New York, NY
Reviewed 116 days ago

I used to live in a Related Rentals building, and the service, management and upkeep was far superior. In the Wimbledon, the elevators are extremely slow (and, according to a resident, about a year ago only one elevator was working for months.) Some of the doormen are great; the others are... more>>

New York, NY
Reviewed 51 days ago
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simple appartment with decent layout and good location. The best thing are the staff and doorman, the worst part is the management company. The place has a major bedbug problem. Several appartments were infested and management did not get rid of the problem. They did not provide any solutions... more>>

New York , NY
Reviewed 8 days ago
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It's a quite convenient place to live. Penn Station is just steps away. Location is great. staff is great but horrible horrible management. Noise insulation is bad and the theater space below the apartments is constantly doing some sort of mini construction work at 2am in the morning. Stay... more>>

New York, NY
Reviewed 81 days ago
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This property is really disappointing. We spent a lot of time dealing with the management company over different things. All the amenities advertised are false. The roof terrace has been close for over two years. And still they show it to people and tell them it will be open very soon. Be... more>>

New York, NY
Reviewed 10 days ago

The only reason I choose to stay here is it's proximity to NYU. Frankly, 11 Waverly has the worst management EVER. Building is old, run down, and management is unresponsive, rude, and irresponsible. You will regret living here. Great location, but BED BUGS, MICE, COCKROACHES, the works! The... more>>

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New York , NY

It's a quite convenient place to live. Penn Station is just steps away. Location is...

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