New York, NY
Reviewed 17 days ago
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Really rude lobby staff and security (albeit a few standout nice workers) in any building I have ever seen in NY. Have had MULTIPLE arguments with them for the basic requests i.e. package pick-up, basic maintenance issues etc. Apartments in poor condition and the building management does not... more>>

New York , NY
Reviewed 23 days ago
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Location is perfect. Can't argue anything with North SoHo. However, there are still much to complain. Frequent cockroach infestations. Despite having an exterminator visit the apartment at least twice and cleaning our apartment vigorously, hordes of cockroaches came back to haunt us. The heat... more>>

New York, NY
Reviewed 1 day ago
Thumb 729 seventh avenue

I moved to a building managed by The Dermot Company last December, and so far my experience has been great for the most part. My Realtor found me the apartment, and all i had to do was to move my stuff in. My apartment is in a prewar building (I guess), but the finishes inside my apartment are... more>>

New York, NY
Reviewed 24 days ago
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The apartment complex, which has a doorman, is located on the upper west side of Manhattan. Perfect location. The rent is not cheap; however, if you are looking for safety and a quiet area, this is the place to be and I thought worth it. Just to warn people who are not from NYC, New York City... more>>

New york, NY
Reviewed 4 days ago

Fun for the unmarried bachelor/ettes more>>

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Washington, DC
Sally G

Overall a great building and an up and coming area

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New York, NY

I moved to a building managed by The Dermot Company last December, and so far my...

03 55
New york, NY
HK manhattan

Fun for the unmarried bachelor/ettes

Brooklyn, NY

Most streets are cleaner and quieter the farther you get from the JMZ line. There's...

01 55
Uniondale, NY

An off campus spot practically within the campus of Hofstra University. Very old house...

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