New York, NY
Reviewed 45 days ago

Hamilton Heights has been ready for a make-over for decades, but has not seen the gentrification that neighborhoods to the north (Washington Heights) and South (Manhattanville) have enjoyed. It remains a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde area, bisected by the crime-ridden streets of Broadway, but... more>>


New York, NY
Reviewed 97 days ago

Despite the spooky neighborhood and the unacceptable noise level coming from the bar downstairs, there're still quite a few features about this building that constantly ruined my normal life. Residents have almost zero control of the heater. It comes suddenly and makes your life absolutely... more>>


New York, NY
Reviewed 29 days ago
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simple appartment with decent layout and good location. The best thing are the staff and doorman, the worst part is the management company. The place has a major bedbug problem. Several appartments were infested and management did not get rid of the problem. They did not provide any solutions... more>>


New York, NY
Reviewed 55 days ago
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I lived here for a year. It was nice to begin with since the location is quite convenient. The building itself is decent as well. Since it in the NoHo area, getting to SoHo is a easy walk for me. I enjoy shopping, so that's a plus. The issue with being so close to SoHo though is the noise. It... more>>


New York, NY
Reviewed 47 days ago

I love living at Archstone! I have been there a decade and counting. The staff and environment are welcoming. Feels good to come home to smiling faces. I am so satisfied with the place overall. more>>


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New York, NY

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New York, NY

simple appartment with decent layout and good location. The best thing are...

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