Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I register for a CitySpade account?

You will be able to enjoy full benefit after you create a CitySpade account. For example, you can add listings that you like to your wishlist, so that you don’t have to worry about missing anything that interests you. We are also in the process of developing more advanced features that will enhance your experience with CitySpade, and also better serves your need.

Do I need to pay to use CitySpade?

No, you don’t. Our service is 100% FREE. So feel free to explore our site!

Where do listings on CitySpade come from?

Currently, the listings on our website comes from major New York City brokers such as Corcoran, Douglass Elliman, etc.  We are working to aggregate more listings from other brokers as well.

How does CitySpade rate all the listings?

Currently we are providing ratings for two parameters: Price and Transportation.

In terms of price listings, we compare a neighborhood’s historic data with the listing itself. For example, we rate in terms of amenities, number of rooms, and the area of the apartment.

For transportation ratings, we measure the listing’s distance to and the time it takes to get to some of the hottest and schools in that borough. We have used our algorithm to weigh different data we have collected.

What are the tags that come with the listings?

Since each neighborhood has its own culture and feel, we have taken tours of these neighborhoods to provide you our own observations and factual data. The information will allow you to better understand the differences amongst various neighborhoods, and the changes within a neighborhood as well.

I saved a project to my wishlist, but I can’t find it anymore.

We move a project you saved in your wishlist into the “past wishlist” division after 20 days. Check it out there.

I called the broker, and he/she told me the apartment is no longer available.

We understand that some of the listings might have gone off the market. We will do our best to keep the listings up-to-date. You can send us an email to report any inappropriate listing and we will get back to you as soon as we can.