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2 Reviews
New York, NY
Reviewed 16 hours ago

I live around the Union Square and I really love the farmer's market, since I enjoy cooking. Besides, there are tons of great restaurants and bars around if you prefer eating out. more>>

7 Reviews
New York, NY
Reviewed 1002 days ago
Bleecker Street & Charles Street, West Village-1

I had been living on Charles Street for three years before moving to UWS. The primary reason for me to choose living there was of course, Location! It is a 2 minutes walk to the 1 train station (on 7th ave), 5 mins to A,B,C,D,E,F,M (W4th station), just unbeatable in any other neighborhood. NYU,... more>>

1 Review
New York, NY
Reviewed 1003 days ago
The Wimbledon, 200 East 82nd Street, Yorkville-1The Wimbledon, 200 East 82nd Street, Yorkville-2

I used to live in a Related Rentals building, and the service, management and upkeep was far superior. In the Wimbledon, the elevators are extremely slow (and, according to a resident, about a year ago only one elevator was working for months.) Some of the doormen are great; the others are... more>>

39 Reviews
New York, NY
Reviewed 72 days ago

Midtown east begins east 30s to about 60s i think, hard to define UES. Depending where you live and the bldg, it can be quiet or noisey as heck. East 53 is a crosstown street, there is always traffic. If you are on or by First Ave, horns and traffic especially on Friday in the summer. Close... more>>

4 Reviews
New York, NY
Reviewed 80 days ago
Brodsky Apartments, 420 West 42nd Street-1Brodsky Apartments, 420 West 42nd Street-2

This building is a little older but is good value for your money. The doormen / front desk guys are generally very nice and friendly, so are the maintenance guys. However, building management are the worst, expect to get screwed. more>>

74 Reviews
New York, NY
Reviewed 86 days ago

This apartment is above a very noisy bar on a very noisy street. Good luck with getting any sleep. Not worth it. All these reviews are fake. Do your research. more>>

19 Reviews
New York, NY
Reviewed 91 days ago

Far north, however close to midtown by the express A and 1. Although considerably safe, not many things to do around outside of purchasing daily necessities. more>>

6 Reviews
New York, NY
Reviewed 95 days ago
The Olivia, 315 West 33rd Street-1The Olivia, 315 West 33rd Street-2

Too noisey outside. Great midtown west location. Rooms are furnished and always ready for moving in. The management is horrible and they delayed lots of our scheduled moving, even for tiny things. The views are amazing if you are on the higher floors. Very good for NYU more>>

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