About Us

Company Overview

CitySpade is a new generation real estate search engine founded in February 2014. Based in Manhattan, NY. CitySpade is made up of a team of dreamers looking for a place to rest in one of the most exhilarating cities in the world.

CitySpade’s online and mobile platforms use sophisticated algorithm to provide its users with detailed rental listings in all of New York City’s neighborhoods. Ratings are calculated in terms of rental / sales prices, convenience of transportation, and neighborhood environment. Along with the traditional information that comes with each listing, CitySpade also incorporates user generated reviews that will give a more holistic view of each apartment or house. 

With comprehensive information and a carefully gathered listings, CitySpade empowers its users to truly know their future homes and neighborhoods.

For press inquiries and partnership inquiries, please contact our business development manager at kiran.chen@cityspade.com